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In this YouTube video to the right, the Canh Thai Temple's Venerable Master Thich Duc Huy envisions building a grand monastery, a place to unify all Vietnamese Buddhist temples in the United States.

During the Mother Day event of June 7th, 2011, he announces to his followers that the current site would be closed at the end of 2011 due to foreclosure. Master Thich Duc Huy tells the crowd that he has purchased a 1.5 acre property at 2352 Klein Road for $535,000. With a $150,000 donation and a $180,000 loan, he plans to make a 50% down payment. The construction will be complete in 30 days. He believes the construction cost estimated at $500,000 could be achieved easily with the large crowd of supporters that day.

He outlines the construction plans in detail:

For a complete translation of the video's poster board, please see p. 3 of the document Translations and Originals of Canh Thai Temple Web Postings.pdf.

Under the head monk's vision, Canh Thai will be a monastery, not a simple temple for visitations. It will house followers who want to take a course of three-days or five-days monastic life. He would be happy to host any Buddhist conventions. He mentions the new location is an ideal place because it is near to a park. In case of overflow, people can park their cars at the park.